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“I feel like the things that I found attractive about her are so annoying to me now.”

“It’s like he’s switched off. The more I try to find the switch, the more switched off he becomes.”

Face it, when the honeymoon ends, two people full of expectations, fears, hopes, and disappointment may find that the same things that attracted each to each other end up driving them crazy.

The truth is, every person brings his or her own baggage to his or her respective relationships. It’s inevitable. Over the years we have filled our trunks with those things that comfort, protect, or shield us from the world around us. And, while the size and contents of these parcels may vary from person to person, getting to the bottom and unpacking our baggage is essential for real growth to take place.

Working on our relationships very much concerns this unpacking process.

Working on relationship issues involves identifying and understanding intrapersonal issues (what we have in our own bags), and interpersonal issues (what happens when you put two sets of luggage together). Inevitably, there will be things that complement each other, as well as elements that cause friction.

It is natural, however, for roles to develop in relationships when certain dynamics begin to feel stuck or stagnate. This stagnancy is a sign that there is a problem. Whether you are an individual looking to understand and work through relationship issues, or a couple that wants to sort through baggage, I can help.

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