Article on the habits of happy people

This is a really good article based on Martin Seligman’s research on the habits of happy people…

Guest blog post by Lisa Cowper on sources of anxiety in relationships

Anxiety in Intimate Relationships Our close relationships are perhaps the single most important part of our lives; it is this intimate connection with another human being which gives us the opportunity to explore and experience the deepest of human emotions and to express ourselves as loving, sexual individuals. As we all know though, these same

Guest blog post by Lisa Cowper on managing OCD

Making the Best of Life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a psychological condition, which affects sufferers by causing them to feel compulsions or fears which are associated with a certain stimulus, such as an object or event. People who suffer from the disorder usually experience fear which is linked to a rational risk,

Talk on group therapy for people with chronic illnesses (September 2013)

LIVING WITH MEDICAL CONDITIONS Dialogue with An Invited Guest Library (20 West 74th Street, NYC)   Guest: David B. Younger, Ph.D., CGP Topic:  Group Therapy and Chronic Illness   Our guest, David Younger, will present on two therapy groups he conducts in his practice working with persons living with medical conditions and disabilities. A proponent of integrating

Love letter

Watching the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War. This letter was written by a soldier knowing he was likely to die, reflecting from the heart about the love for his wife and children. However immense it was, he realized that he was a part of history and that his fate was beyond his control.

You are where you need to be

You are perfect the way you are. You are exactly where you need to be at this moment. If you change tomorrow, then tomorrow you will also be where you need to be. You can only be who you are and where you are as a result of all of your ancestry and all of

Group therapy conference in NYC

Do you lead, or do you want to lead, a group? If you lead a group -in your private practice -at an agency -at a school -at an institute -at a training program – at a hospital or If you’re curious about groups, but don’t know where to start. Please join us for the Eastern

Connecting with my son

I was out with my wife and son (and dog) last night visiting a friend. We left at around 8pm and my son was hungry and my wife was tired so my son and I walked to our favorite local Mexican on 104th and Lex, El Paso Taqueria. We sat down and of course, he


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I am starting a new therapy/support group for people living with chronic health issues. The start date is Tuesday October 2nd. The group will meet weekly from 1 – 2:15pm. There is limited availability. Please contact me if you are interested in more information. David B. Younger, Ph.D, CGP, P.C.

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